Why Concrete?

Concrete is a warm, natural looking material. It is as durable as the roads you drive on. Concrete is wonderfully versatile, it can be treated to look as seasoned as the Greek ruins or as contemporary as the recently completed Disney Hall (Los Angeles) or Safeco Field in our home state of Washington.

Combinations of colors, using integrated dry color, a secondary filler color and/or acid stains and patinas, provide the capability to create that one-of-a-kind piece that is sure to compliment your home or commercial architecture.

Custom edging, inlays, shaping and coloring are just a few of the varied options to choose from. Absolute ConcreteWorks is pleased to work with you to identify the virtually unlimited options available for your particular project, in order to achieve both the look and stability that will insure many years of satisfaction.

How Are Concrete Countertops Manufactured?

Each countertop is pre-cast at our studio. We build custom molds for each job. The tops are then poured, cured, sealed and finished. Upon installation the molds are broken to insure each Absolute ConcreteWorks job is a one of a kind original.

Does the concrete ever crack?

Yes, hairline cracking may occur, these are nonstructural and considered part of the mystique and natural beauty of concrete.

Absolute ConcreteWorks countertops are built structurally sound. Our manufacturing process includes the use of rebar, wire mesh, and poly fibers for added stability.

Will my Cabinet's support the weight of concrete?

Yes. Concrete weighs approximately 22 lbs. per square foot at a two-inch thickness. Standard cabinetry will support the weight, as it is distributed evenly over a large area.

Will Concrete Countertops Stain?

All Absolute ConcreteWorks countertops come with a complimentary maintenance and care kit. Like granite, marble and other Natural stone, concrete can stain if marks are not cleaned up in a timely manner. At Absolute ConcreteWorks, we seal our tops with three coats of penetrating sealer and four coats of topcoat finish on the surface, then a wax is applied that, if maintained, will ensure years of beauty with our product.

Can I Cut directly on my counter?

No, a cutting board is suggested as an alternative. Knife marks can mar the surface, impead the sealer and can cause stains to form. *Ask about inlaying maple-cutting blocks into your countertop.

Can I put hot pans on the countertops?

No, it is best to use trivet or hot pads to avoid scorching the wax and sealer. *Ask about built-in stainless, brass, or copper trivets or hotpads adjacent to the stove area for that purpose.

How do I clean my countertop?

We suggest a mild, non-abrasive soap for daily cleaning. In short, cleaning our concrete countertops will be no more difficult than cleaning any other type of countertop.

What if I want a color that is not in the sample package?

Absolute ConcreteWorks can make custom colors in an effort to match almost any color, there is a $75.00 charge that is applied to your order.

How much can it cantilever without being supported?

We will extend up to 14" without support as long as it does not exceed 1/3rd of the overall width. Many options are available for support if a larger cantilever is desired.

What is the maximum size slab we can make?

We produce up to a 4' x 8' piece as a common practice, larger pieces are available depending on the specific job up to 5' x 10'.

Do concrete countertops work outside?

Yes, we manufacture concrete counters for outdoor use, most often in conjunction with a built-in BBQ.

Who should install the countertops?

Anyone who has marble or granite installation experience is competent to install concrete countertops. *Absolute ConcreteWorks, (unlike most precast concrete manufacturers) offers countertop installation. Quote for installation is available upon request.

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