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As a consumer of raw materials Absolute ConcreteWorks (ACW) is steadfast in our commitment to our community and our planet. ACW endeavors to utilize products and materials that do not harm our environment. It is our practice to choose sustainable forest products and reclaimed or recycled products whenever practicable and our mix includes flyash. We abstain from tropically harvested rainforest timber and our finish products which are environmentally friendly, water based also include a vanilla bean based product that do not pollute the air or off gas toxic chemicals into your home or place of business.

At ACW, our uncompromising attention to customer service is Absolute and has proven to be the hallmark of our continued growth and success.

Concrete is omnipresent, each year billions of tons of concrete are transformed from fundamental matter to our worlds most enduring artwork, buildings, highways and decorative architectural creations. The list goes on.

The Romans invented cement-based concrete more than 2000 years ago and used it to build architectural masterpieces such as the Coliseum and Pantheon. Today, the wonders of modern technology present the opportunity to create ConcreteWorks which are even more dynamic, stable and colorful. Please visit our galleries often, we love sharing our most recent creations.


Located on Washington's beautiful Olympic Peninsula, our new headquarters, (design studio, showroom, manufacturing facility and architectural detail garden) are just a short ferry ride from Seattle and Edmonds, or a beautiful drive North from Tacoma. We service all of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. Shipping is available as well as installation. Give us a call, and let us know how we can work together to bring your imagination to reality.


ACW is an artistic precast company that produces pieces that range from countertops to life like leaf ponds. Our artists sculpt, mold and then cast most all of our products at our facility in Poulsbo, WA. Though our mix design, for the most part, is a "standard" 7 sac mix (one of the strongest designs), we have learned a lot of little secrets that takes that "standard" mix and turns it into a stronger and more versatile design.

Our techniques have developed over years of research and of course the old trial and error method. Our color blending and use of numerous types of additives and treatments allows us to offer a very wide range of design options. "Exposed Internal Color", "Reactive Colorization" and "Multiple Color Infusion" are just a few of our finish options.

Of course, standard colors and styles are also available as well are custom sinks, built in cutting boards, trivets, just about any shape and rather large sizes. We strive to be as versatile as we can, even if were wore out at the end of the day.

Got an idea you want to see come into reality? Give us a call, and we can help.

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Address: 5795 NE Minder Rd.
Poulsbo, Washington 98370

Telephone- 360 297 5055
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